There is often a misconception, that only young people can suffer from meningitis. The reality is, that anyone, of any age, can suffer from this life-threatening condition.

Caused by a bacteria, or virus, this condition can be fatal to everyone it affects and rapid hospital admission and urgent medical treatment, in required. Whilst most people will make a good recovery, around 10% will die, and some will be left with life-long disabilities.

Knowing the signs and symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia, remaining vigilant and getting medical help quickly, can save lives.

Symptoms can appear in any order, and some symptoms may not appear at all. Be aware that symptoms can include, but are not limited to:


Adults and Children:-

Fever (With cold hands and feet)

Severe headache



Severe muscle Pain

Stomach Cramps

Drowsy, difficult to wake

Confusion and irritability

Pale, blotchy skin. Spots / rash (This is the sign that people often wait for. The advice is not to wait for the rash, as this can be  assign of septicaemia)

Stiff neck

Dislike of bright lights

Convulsions / seizures

Rapid deterioration


Babies:- (As above, but may also include)

Refusing to eat

Fretful, dislike being handled

Drowsy, floppy, unresponsive

Rapid breathing, or grunting

Unusual cry, moaning

Tense, bulging fontanelle (soft spot)


Above all, trust your instincts. If you live alone, make sure that someone knows that you are ill. Do not be scared to call for help. If you are unsure, do so.

For more information, visit the Meningitis Now website

If you would like some first aid training in relation to these and other conditions, please do not hesitate to contact Passion First Aid on 01452 446020, email, or go to our website,


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