Hot Weather

With hopefully a hot summer soon to be upon us, or some of you going abroad to warmer climates for your holidays, it is important to remember the unfortunate risks of enjoying the hot summer weather.

Sunburn, heat stroke and heat exhaustion can soon have an impact upon us, after prolonged exposure to the sun.

In respect of heat stroke, this is usually due to a prolonged exposure to a hot environment. If someone is suffering from a headache, feels dizzy, is restless and confused, has hot flushed skin, a reduced level of response, with a full pounding pulse and a body temperature of 40 degrees c or more, the likely hood is that they are suffering from heat stroke.

Your aim in this situation is to cool them slowly by taking them to a cool place, treat them for shock, with their legs raised and their head low and give them plenty to drink. Preferably isotonic drinks, which will help to replace lost salt.

Again your aim is to restore normal body temperature.

Sunburn is the most common of the heat related conditions we may suffer during the summer. To prevent this stay in the shade and apply a high factor sun cream on a regular basis.

If someone has reddened skin, pain in the area of the burn, or possibly blistering.

Your aim in this situation is to cover the person with light clothing, get them out of the sun, or if possible move them indoors. Encourage them to have frequent sips of water and dab the affected area with cold water.

If the sunburn is severe, or they have extensive blistering, you should seek further medical advice.

If you would like some first aid training in relation to these and other conditions, please do not hesitate to contact Passion First Aid on 01452 446020, email, or go to our website, .

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