Finding the Positives from the Pandemic

Community Resilience and Corporate Social Responsibility

Communities have shown and built their resilience over recent months, but extra support is needed to support the seldom heard, isolated and excluded individuals and communities. Not everyone can contribute to or benefit equally from neighbourhood action, and those that are already disadvantaged may find it challenging to maintain resilience and participate in social networks in the face of the outbreak. Volunteer and community organisations play a valuable role here.

But what else can communities do. A robust community infrastructure, and supportive social networks, are key factors that come into play, during times of emergency. Whether it be extreme weather events, such as floods, major incidents such as a train crash, or the terrible events such as Grenfell, or Lockerbie, we have seen how a display of concern for the welfare of others, remains a key value within society.

Having the resources to help others in such circumstances, can often be delayed, due to the nature of the incident, or the logistics of getting the resources to the scene. So, what can communities and local businesses do, to minimise the impact this may have?

The Health and Safety Executive, require many businesses to ensure that they always have a first aid provision in place they are operating. Some businesses ensure that they have additional life saving resources in place, such as Automatic External Defibrillators (AED’s) for use on their premises, and some communities have installed Public Accessible AEDs outside their village halls, village pubs and shops, or even disused telephone boxes.

With approximately 60,000 people suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, outside of the hospital environment, good quality Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), when used in conjunction with an AED, is proven to help save lives.

So how can businesses and communities work together?  Communities may be able to access grants from district or county councils, to install Public Access AEDs, businesses could consider their Corporate Social Responsibility, by enabling access to their AEDs.

As an approved business partner of Zoll Medical, we can provide the most up to date AEDs, training (Geographical restrictions apply / additional fees may apply for training). and support, to all communities and businesses. We can register AEDs as a public resource with the ambulance service, enabling 24/7 access to this life saving equipment.

So if you are a community or business who would be interested in obtaining these resources, contact us now

Purchase or lease options available

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