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15:55 28 Feb 24
Great training course
Patrick PazaranguPatrick Pazarangu
15:54 28 Feb 24
Excellent thank you, very knowledgeable
Valerie SmithValerie Smith
22:09 22 Feb 24
An excellent course and superbly delivered by Geoff or Jeff (not sure which spelling he uses). A very engaging experience and such valuable information. Geoff had lots of first hand knowledge which he conveyed with skill.
Deborah StoneDeborah Stone
21:02 22 Feb 24
Good reminder of the current first aid procedures
Sonata NolanSonata Nolan
07:35 13 Dec 23
Bob EvansBob Evans
20:19 10 Nov 23
The Warden first aid course was presented in a light hearted and easy to follow manner but still providing you with the necessary information.
S DugganS Duggan
20:25 23 Oct 23
Great 1 day course, Jim was friendly, professional and experienced. Location was in the kingsway sports pavilion so convenient location to drive and close to supermarket to grab lunch during the break.
Bianca GardnerBianca Gardner
11:48 27 Sep 23
Absolutely fantastic First Aid Training. Highly recommended. Very knowledgeable and passionate trainer. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
Freya PrettyFreya Pretty
16:53 28 Sep 22
Geoff was amazing. He really pulled on a lot of personal experiences that were eye opening on how important this all really is. I've done a few first aid courses before but this was my first post pandemic and it really benefited to see how it's changed. He was interactive and engaging and made it enjoyable whilst keeping the appropriate level of seriousness.
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