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I wanted to let you all know that we continue to be here for you during the pandemic. We understand that this may be the greatest challenge that many of us have faced in our lifetime. With different restrictions in place across the UK, one thing remains the same – our dedication to our customers. I am incredibly proud of our ability to continue to provide you with the best possible support.

We continue to deliver training, in line with the current restrictions, and provide, training, event cover and supplies of first aid and health and safety equipment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need us.

Stay safe, and we look forward to continuing to provide our services to you.

Jim Jones
Director – Passion First Aid Ltd


At Passion First Aid, we are committed to the health, safety and well being of all those who attend our training courses.

In light of the current COVID pandemic, we will be implementing the following procedures:


Class induction process

On arrival, we will screen all Learners and exclude anyone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms which are a new continuous cough and/or a temperature >37.8°C and/or a loss of taste/smell.

We will check that no Learner is in a situation where they should be self-isolating (e.g. a family member has had symptoms or the Learner should be shielding as they are in an at risk group).We will exclude delegates from the course as necessary.

On arrival

We will ask all Learners to thoroughly sanitise their hands. Instruct them that if they need to cough / sneeze this should be done into a tissue that is disposed of immediately. Failing that they should cough into a bent elbow (better than a bare hand) and NEVER cough/sneeze without covering their mouth/nose.

If someone coughs on their hand or uses a tissue they should use alcohol sanitizer immediately.

We will ensure that everyone adheres to this throughout the course

We will show Learners how COVID-19 spreads and how to wash their hands:

We will explain clearly that no one should touch their mouth, nose or eyes unless they have just washed their hands or sanitised.

We will provide sufficient alcohol hand sanitiser in the classroom for Learners throughout the entire course.

We will explain what facilities are available for hand washing

During the course

We will use as many manikins as possible to minimise sharing and keep one manikin to the same small group of Learners all the way through the course to prevent the possibility of course-wide infection spread. We will also provide each delegate with their own set of lungs for the resuscitation models, so to minimise as much as possible the risk of cross-contamination

Prior to CPR practise, we will explain to Learners the protection that is in place to prevent infection during CPR practise

At the end of every theory session, we will ask Learners to sanitise or wash their hands.

Before and after each practical session, we will ask Learners to sanitise or wash their hands.

We will ensure that 2 meters of physical distancing is maintained between all Learners and between Learners and Trainers unless relevant close contact (less than 2m distance) is absolutely necessary  for teaching or assessment purposes

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Face masks – Learners will be trained in the correct use of 3-ply civilian face masks and BOTH people must wear them during any close contact <2m during practise/assessment. If civilian 3-ply masks become unavailable due to supply chain demands, we will adjust assessments to maintain 2 meters physical distancing.

Jim Jones

Director Passion First Aid Limited

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